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Two princes marry in London

Rohan Stephens + Jason Steuber

Words: Damien Woolnough + Rohan Stephens

Photography: April Gibbs

22th May 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can keep their pomp and ceremony as far as Australian expat Rohan Stephens and his husband Jason Steuber are concerned. The right royally chilled art consultant for the British Council and equally relaxed retail operations manager for Michael Kors decided to forgo silly hats, triumphal processions and archbishops for a more intimate celebration.

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"Neither Jason nor myself are particularly flashy people and we hate being the centre of attention so we went to pretty extreme lengths to make our wedding day incredibly low-key and as void of pageantry as possible," Rohan says.

Here Rohan shares the days simple pleasures.


Bromley Public Hall, Bow Road, London.

Bow Town Hall is an unassuming but beautiful Georgian building in East London. We had been once before to sort out some paperwork and hadn't even seen the room we would be married in before we arrived on the day. It was a converted ballroom and has enormous floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a little garden. It was one of the coldest days of the year but the sun was blasting and illuminated the whole room brilliantly.  


Our outfits were the result of a mad spin around Oxford Street the week before the wedding. Jason managed to get a lovely pale blue suit and a white cotton shirt from TopMan and mine was a blue velvet jacket and navy chinos from Zara.

At a gay wedding, in the depths of East London, with a Muslim woman officiating, everything seemed alright in the world.

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My one attempt to address tradition was a pewter Scottish thistle pin that I had found from a jeweller in Edinburgh. My Scottish grandmother had passed away the year before and I wanted something on me on the day that connected me to her. I also wore her watch during the ceremony.  


We both love the talent and creativity that comes out of East London so much and so I wanted to make sure that our rings reflected this. I went to a jeweller at Spitalfields Markets early one morning about a week before the wedding and just stood there going through each and every one of her pieces before I found what I thought was the perfect design. 


Our celebrant's assistant was a gorgeous young Muslim girl who sat to the right of the room filling out our certificate. She was dressed beautifully in a hijab and a stunning long black abaya and she just kept shooting us the greatest, widest smile every time Jason and I had to repeat lines from the ceremony.

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This was November 2016 when so much hate and bile was being hurled towards Muslims after Brexit and Trump's election. I just felt at that point in time, at a gay wedding, in the depths of East London, with a Muslim woman officiating, everything seemed alright in the world.  


In keeping with our attempts to have the most wedding-free kind of wedding as possible, we hosted a bottomless brunch for 40 friends in Shoreditch after the 11am ceremony.

The place was called HotBox and an industrial, converted warehouse. The entire point was to make sure everyone got wasted and quickly... and hell, they delivered. We have vowed to have every anniversary there.  

Notable guests

[Here Rohan’s tongue may have found its way into his cheek]. I think Meghan Markle was invited but couldn't come for one reason or another. But this was before Harry so it really wasn't a huge deal that she couldn't. No one was really watching Suits by then anyway. 

I think Meghan Markle was invited but couldn't come. But this was before Harry so it really wasn't a huge deal.

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First dance 

Our wedding dance was to The Chapel of Love by Bette Middler. We're gay by the way.  


Not losing the marriage certificate after a 3hr bottomless brunch. 


We flew to Australia the week after to spend Christmas with my family on their farm on the South Coast of NSW.





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