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Raise a toast to Sir Elton John

Pop legend adds more colour to wine with Riedel

Words: Damien Woolnough

22th May 2018

With over-sized sunglasses, the video clip for I’m Still Standing and a wardrobe of Versace Sir Elton John is a major contributor to gay culture and with his own foundation he continues to give.

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Now Sir Elton John has teamed up again with wine glass experts Riedel on a limited edition decanter to celebrate 25 years of his foundation, which has raised more than a reported $510 million for HIV and Aids-related causes.

Last year Elton designed a limited edition rainbow decanter for Riedel and later this year 75 signed Ayam decanters with a sliver of silver beside the rainbow will be available.

"Sir Elton John established his foundation 25 years ago," says Maximillian J. Riedel, managing director of the family business.

"Since the number 25 is associated with silver jubilees, we wanted to pay tribute to this by adding the colour silver to this strictly limited series of decanters.

"Usually, our limited editions comprise 50 units. In this case, we have added 25 decanters, to express our respect for 25 years of Sir Elton John's immensely important work."

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The Ayam decanter from Riedel. Image: Instagram/@riedelaustralianz

Riedel will donate approx. $35,000 from the proceeds to the Elton John Foundation. As well as getting a limited edition, the decanter is larger than the usual Ayam, has a shimmering effect from being optically blown (that’s a thing) and a certificate.

The decanter will be available later in 2018 so contact Riedel for price details and to pre-order but if you can’t wait and perhaps don’t have the budget for a limited edition, settle for the simplicity of the standard Ayam and make a donation to ACON.

Riedel Ayam decanter, $599 from Peter's of Kensington.


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