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Pig out before the wedding

Otto Brisbane's Will Cowper proposes a family feast

Words: Damien Woolnough

1th June 2018

Before you are announced husband and husband it's important to introduce the in-laws and Otto Brisbane's handsome head chef Will Cowper has the perfect meal for bringing people together.

Well it’s the perfect meal unless you're a strict Muslim, Orthodox Jew or Seventh Day Adventist (In which case, it’s awesome that you’re supporting same sex marriage so there are other options), vegan or have watched Babe too many times.

"In true European style I love serving a whole suckling pig – not pretentious, just hearty and delicious food," Cowper says.

Marry the Man article slide image
Marry the Man article slide image

"A banquet feast is so festive for such a joyful time, bringing people together to share food at the table."

Cowper's mouth-watering suckling pig is sourced locally from the Shultz family in Toowoomba, Queensland is raised free range before being roasted for more that four hours with rosemary, thyme and garlic salt.

The meal is brought to the table with sides. "It's not pretentious, just hearty and delicious food."

While the meal is down to earth Otto’s setting is spectacular with views of the Storey Bridge and Brisbane River.

For your family get together we suggest booking the private dining room which sits between six and 30 people and allows you to feel the buzz of the restaurant without parents complaining about not being able to hear each other as they compete for which of you was the more perfect son.

If you're Italian you'll need to book the whole restaurant and plenty of pigs.

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