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Riedel Performance cabernet glass.

Performance anxiety

Riedel's new glasses take the stress out of serving wine

Words: Damien Woolnough

Photography: Riedel

26th September 2018

Riedel is to wineglasses what Hermès is to ties, Gucci to loafers and Taylor Swift to breakup songs, making them the perfect wedding present for gay grooms.

Their latest collection is designed to make an equal impression on the dining table as well as your palate, with each glass standing 245mm tall (perfect for those who tend towards the OCD side of hosting).

There's also a distinct optic effect to the wine bowl that was developed when Riedel chief executive officer Maximilan Riedel showed prototypes to his mother.

Marry the Man article slide image
Marry the Man article slide image

"So my mum looked at it and said 'yes another glass line,'" Maximilian says. "'What’s so special or unique about it?' And if my mum would think this so would the consumer."

The decoration does not interfere with the Riedel obsession with delivering wine in the best manner.

"Our glasses cater to wine consumption, to the beauty of wine, and should never overtake that fact," Maximilian says.

Beauty is in the mouth of the drinker and in the case of the Performance range, it’s complex.

"We found that in Performance it shows more minerality than fruit and shows more of the terroir," Maximilian says. "But the real miracle is the length of the aftertaste and the structure on the palate."

The series includes seven shapes: Cabernet, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Oaked Chardonnay, Riesling, Champagne and Digestive and can be purchased in a twin pack ($99.95) from Riedel and selected stockists.

Visit Riedel and selected stockists.

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