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Terrell + Erik

Never Enough

Erik Davis + Terrell

Words: Damien Woolnough; Erik + Terrell.

Photography: Skytouche Photos


28th November 2018


Vernon Terrell , 35 + Erik Davis, 37.

Terrell works in retail management and Erik works in healthcare.

Being fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta should have been a clue that the wedding of Erik and Terrell was not going to be a minimalist affair.

With a wedding party including six groomsmaids, two best men and six groomsmen things there was plenty of thinking big from the outset.

With exquisite suits, crowns and larger than life choreography, this wedding aimed to be as big as the love between the grooms. 

Our Love Story

"Our story began in June of 2012 in Cyberspace. Who knew your soul-mate could be found through the wires and fibres of the internet.

Marry the Man article image

"I guess God knew what we both needed and brought us together. Erik was on the internet and sent a "what's up" message to Terrell and he replied (Thank goodness).

"So we both chatted with each other for a while and found that there was this amazing connection that we had just through chatting on the internet. We were so into each other, we decided to meet in person instantly.

"We met that night, we were both nervous, not knowing what to expect from our first physical encounter.



"There's this fine piece of chocolate that he had to see before the night ends."

Marry the Man article image

"Terrell showed up at Erik's door, and our eyes locked and we both smiled, and knew at that moment there was something special about each other. That night, we talked for about an hour or so, and the conversation was great!

"That same night Erik had agreed to hang out with his cousin, so sadly, we had to bid farewell. The whole time Erik was out, He couldn't keep his mind on anything else but Terrell. So you guessed it, Erik told his cousin, ‘I got to go!’

"There's this fine piece of chocolate that he had to see before the night ends. It felt like the scene in Cinderella, like you have until midnight to claim your prince. So Erik called Terrell for a second meeting, and Terrell was just as excited to meet again.

"That night we just talked and got to know each other better. Also that night Terrell was introduced to the The Housewives of Atlanta. It was one of the best nights of our lives.

We both knew at that point what we had was something God definitely put together. We were two totally different individuals, but our heart and soul mended together as one. Since that night we have been inseparable ever since."

The Guest's Perspective

Wedding guest and editor of shared the day with his audience:

"Seeing these two Black men come together wasn’t just important to me because of the ceremony but it was love they shared with each other that I have been fortunate to witness and it changed me.

Marry the Man article image

"On September 30th, outside of Memphis, Tennessee, right in the heart of the Bible belt, their wedding ceremony began promptly at 5 pm.

"I’ve always seen photos from same-sex ceremonies but never attended or thought it was possible to even think I would have a chance at one.

"This wedding celebrated the love of two men who looked like me and loved like me. Although I’m not the biggest fan of dressing up, I put on my Sunday best – honestly, I had no interest in catching the wrath of two men who would rival any WE TV Bridezilla.


"I walked in right as the ceremony began and I felt an instant rush in my blood that this was real."

Marry the Man article image

"Days before the ceremony I played dress up from head to toe. Terrell insisted and even went as far to purchase more shoes because the ones I had just wouldn’t do. You gotta love them. I walked in right as the ceremony began and I felt an instant rush in my blood that this was real. Not a viral video on social media but I was actually there."

Wedding Day

September 30, 2018

Wedding Party

Groomsmaids: Raechelle Pettigrew; Natasha Davis; Tierney Abston; Ashley Knox; Jasmine Jackson; Brittney Strong.

Erik’s Best Man: DeShun Davis. Erik’s older brother who has always supported and encouraged Erik to be himself.

Terrell’s Best Man: Antonio Foster. Antonio is Terrell’s right hand man with a love of fashion and a winning smile.

Groomsmen: Timothy Davis; Martavius Jones; Desman Cooley; Christopher Salley; Max Gonzalez; Derry Phillips.

Marry the Man article image


Heartwood Hall, Rossville, Tennessee, United States.

The wedding day begins in The Grand Manor Home built in 1840, the where grooms and the wedding party prepare for the ceremony. Guests arrive to The Formal Garden for the exchanging of vows.

Following that kiss cocktails take place in the Courtyard before the partying and reception take place in The Barn.

Dance Routine

Bruno Mars, Finesse.


Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort + Spa. Mexico.


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