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Fair Grounds

The Grounds at Alexandria welcomes same sex weddings

Words: Damien Woolnough

Photography: Josephine Ki

15th June 2018



The first legal same sex wedding at The Grounds in Alexandria was a friendly affair, with owner and coffee guru Jack Hanna able to accommodate his neighbours Serafin Martinez and Thai Loi.

Same sex celebrations have been part of the Insta-destinations history since opening in the former Four n’ Twenty pie factory back in 2012 but Loi and Martinez are the first to sign on the dotted line recognised by the Australian government.

The couple met in less salubrious surroundings on the dancefloor of the Midnight Shift on Oxford St in 2009, buying their first apartment together six months later.

Rather than return to the Shift the couple wanted something more stylish for their 105 guests, choosing The Atrium at The Grounds. Located behind The Grounds' legendary Potting Shed, The Atrium is a sophisticated blend of nature, brass and bentwood chairs.

The couple met... on the dancefloor of the Midnight Shift

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In warmer weather The Garden offers more space, including an outdoor dance floor and can accommodate 130-170 people seated. Fortunately The Grounds has an 800kg German bread oven to cope with the carb needs of guests.

Loi and Martinez were celebrating nine years together as well as a long future ahead on the big day, calling on photographer Josephine Ki to capture the evening’s tenderest moments. We suggest scoring an invitation to the next wedding at The Grounds as it’s the only way we know of beating the queues.

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