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Model Dylan Benson and musician Jeremy Raftos at the Sydney celebrations for Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne.

Everything’s coming up Rosé

Toast married life with Veuve Clicquot

Words: Damien Woolnough

16th July 2018

Drinking rosé may be mistaken for a millennial pastime but Madame Clicquot, invented the first known blended rosé champagne way back in 1818.

With 200 years experience crafting perfectly pink bubbles, the Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne that drinks pink is the perfect twist on your tradition for your wedding toast.

"At Veuve Clicquot we continue to elaborate our rosé Champagne by blending it with red wine, just as Madame Clicquot did when she created the method 200 years ago," says Dominique Demarville, cellar master at Veuve Clicquot. "This traditional savoir-faire allows us to create rosé cuvées that are precise, full of intensity and elegant."

Marry the Man article image

With hints of fresh red fruits, raspberry, wild strawberry, cherry and blackberry, with a smidge of almonds, apricots, and brioche, pairing pink fizz can be tricky.

Here are the recommended food matches from Veuve Cliquot:

Tuna; Smoked Salmon; Prawns; Duck, Crudo platter; Red fruits.

While we still suggest booking your own baker, to celebrate Madame Clicquot’s vision and the 200th anniversary of Veuve Clicquot Rosé champagne, the company has released a commemorative cake case, that also serves as a wine bucket.

"The whimsical cake pays tribute to Madame
 Clicquot’s famous re-creation," reads a statement from the company. "The paint
 cans symbolise the all-important aspect of colour in the art of blending, and in the enjoyment of blended rosé champagne in a portable champagne bucket."

Veuve Clicquot Rosé and Limited edition 200th anniversary ice bucket, $149.95 at Dan Murphys.


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