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Downton Dudes

Southern Highlands for gay grooms

Words: Damien Woolnough

6th August 2018

In-the-know grooms have Eddie Yacoubian on their speed dial to pull off (stop sniggering, you're not 13) the perfect day. The director of Eventing Edge has looked after flawless celebrations for Tiffany & Co., Neiman Marcus, Paspaley, Cerrone, Aerin Lauder and serious A-list gay weddings (where the A stands for anonymous).

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"It’s called planning a wedding for a reason; you need to PLAN it," Yacoubian says. "Like anything you do when organising your friends and family, you need to give them plenty of time to get themselves organised. Also you need that time, and then some, so get cracking."

As part of a series from The Ultimate Wedding Planner, we asked Yacoubian to nominate the perfect venue for old fashioned gay grooms with old fashioned values.

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"This is for the traditionalists in us all - ok well perhaps me," Yacoubian says. "Here we are in Downton Abbey land. Sandstone, established gardens, billiard rooms, cosy bars and loads of upholstered furniture and fabric covered walls with gold-framed paintings are all the elements that make this theme work

"We have a Myriad of venues for this theme but for now we have focused on Milton Park in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

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"The estate has a history dating back to the early 1900s with the Horden Family purchasing the pastoral estate and building on the land while also establishing the wonderful gardens.

"The main property has a European Villa Influence with an eclectic mix of both French and Federation styles. There is also a fabulous pool house and 60 deluxe suites on the 20 acre estate.

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"After many owners refurbs and renovations Milton Park has become the grand old jewel in the Southern Highland crown as is a perfect weekend wedding destination.

"If arched windows, stone urns, water features walls of ivy and lush hedges are your thing then you’ll have your perfect wedding here. The events team at Milton Park will help you arrange it all, so all you’ll need to do is pop in and do a quick site inspection to decide on which space works for you, the ballroom or the Orangerie (which would be my pick)."

Visit Milton Park

200 Horderns Road, Bowral, NSW, Australia




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