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Photo rawpixel on Unsplash

Don’t wash your hair on your wedding day

Mister Chop Shop gives tips from Selvedge Grooming.

Words: Damien Woolnough

Photography: rawpixel on Unsplash / Selvedge.

27th June 2018

Bearded grooms or fiancées with a fade fixation already know about Mister Chop Shop in Sydney's Bondi Junction.

Owner Dan Dixon has pioneered razor-sharp techniques, which is why he was tapped on the shoulder by Italian brand Selvedge Grooming to become an ambassador.

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Mister Chop Shop

We grilled Dixon (gently, he carries a razor…) about the best grooming tips for grooms.

How long in advance of their wedding day should a groom get a cut and beard trim?

Depending on style, the rule was that a week-old 'lived in' cut looks best for the modern groom, however with the more recent style being skin fades and ultra short back and sides, the sharpness of these cuts can be gone after a week.

It is becoming more of a groomsmen ritual to be in the barbershop as a group only days before the big gig.

Think of it as a boys day of grooming and a lightweight extension of the Bucks Day.

The sharpness of these cuts can be gone after a week.

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Selvedge Grooming cleanse and shave, $29.95

What should I do on the big day?

The perfect day grooming ritual is one that has no area for error. Allocate plenty of time to get ready.

Start with a good hot shower to steam, soften and open the facial pores if a shave is on the cards. Using Selvedge Cleanse and Shave, wash and lather face ready for blade.

Don’t shave in the shower! This is your day to shine, wipe the mirror and dedicate some proper shave time.

Being a Dual action product, the Cleanse and Shave will ensure the removal of dirt and oils while also enhancing a closer, more comfortable shave meaning minimum if any razor burn. (That means better photos).

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Selvedge Grooming Balm, $24.95

For the stubble or beard man this product provides a great clean, leaving skin balanced and firm.

Follow up with Hydrate and Protect Moisturiser. Beards can be finished with the Selvedge Grooming Balm.

A great tip is to use a fine bristle brush to manipulate the mane while its still shower warm. This will control the fuzzy unruly facial follicles giving a smoother finish and have you turning up a little less bushranger.

Now let's talk about looking straight out of the shop up on top. Firstly, I don’t suggest changing your style in weeks leading up to the day. It's an unnecessary stress.

This will have you turning up a little less bushranger

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Selvedge Grooming classic pomade, $24.95

Be comfortable and don't wash your hair on the day. Clean, fresh and fluffy isn't a fantastic look.

Let your hair carry a day or two of wear, this will make it an easy style to control. Having the right product for your style and hair type is essential.

Short and textured hair should use Selvedge Grooming Wax. This is a matte product with good hold.

A longer swept back or side parted style needs an element of shine to catch light and photo up well on the day so Selvedge Classic Pomade is my pick. 

What are the most popular style men are asking for at the moment?

Skin fade crops, classic short back and sides. Everything is short and highly tailored.

Clean, fresh and fluffy isn't a fantastic look

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