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Justin North, chef

A man with taste

Meet Mister Percy for a drink

Words: Damien Woolnough

Photography: James Ambrose

9th August 2018

To be honest finding a man in a hotel foyer in Sydney is pretty easy but keeping him is the hard part, which is why we hope that Mister Percy is a keeper.

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The latest venture from easy-on-the-eye and even better on-the-tongue restaurateur Justin North, head chef Luca Guiotto and wine connoisseur Shun Eto is named after a wool classer who favoured a drink or three.

There’s nothing sheepish about this venture, the wool connection is because it’s in the Ovolo 1888 Hotel Pyrmont, a former woolshed but the menu of pinchos, pierced food to complement to the gutsy drinks menu.

"We’re taking our guests on a journey with beautiful wine matched with Mediterranean-style pinchos showcasing the best local ingredients," says North.

Marry the Man article image

"We’ve drawn on flavours from around the European coastline and it’s not surprising that it’s exactly what we like to eat and drink here."

Designed by Luchetti Krelle (Acme, The Butler and Saké) the shadowy wine bar is the perfect place for the kind of polished bucks night where stripper poles and dancing dollars are not part of the equation.

Start off with some Manchego, aged prosciutto and a Picholine olive or fried potato, smoky pepper and bottarga washed down with a glass of Nick Spencer shiraz blend from Gundagai or the more exotic Señorio De Astobiza from Spain.

Marry the Man article image

In a city notorious for soulless hotel bars where the most basic of wines is served beneath lighting harsh enough to make a Hadid ugly, Mister Percy is a welcome gent. He’s not Magic Mike but he still might get you into trouble on your last night as a single man.

Visit Mister Percy

139 Murray St, Pyrmont, NSW

Open Mon-Sat 5pm-11pm (kitchen closes at 10pm); Sunday 5pm-10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm).


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