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Eddie Yacoubian from Eventing Edge with fundraisers for the Sydney Children's Hospital. Photography: Instagram/@eventingedge

A cool reception in Melbourne

The Ultimate Wedding Planner nominates The Substation

Words: Damien Woolnough

Photography: Jonathan Ong/Erin & Tara

30th May 2018

In-the-know grooms have Eddie Yacoubian on their speed dial to pull off (stop sniggering, you're not 13) the perfect day. The director of Eventing Edge has looked after flawless celebrations for Tiffany & Co., Neiman Marcus, Paspaley, Cerrone, Aerin Lauder and serious A-list gay weddings (where the A stands for anonymous).

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Photography: Jonathan Ong

"It’s called planning a wedding for a reason; you need to PLAN it," Yacoubian says. "Like anything you do when organising your friends and family, you need to give them plenty of time to get themselves organised. Also you need that time, and then some, so get cracking."

In the beginning of a series from The Ultimate Wedding Planner, we asked Yacoubian to nominate the perfect venue for Melbourne men.

"It’s called The Substation and it's in Newport, just twenty minutes from the Melbourne CBD," Yacoubian says.

Marry the Man article image

Photography: Erin & Tara

"This venue is a not for profit art space, that was obviously once a substation, which was only recently bought back to life.

"Sure, there are amazingly tall ceilings, fantastic brick columns and walls, however it’s the huge arched windows that really makes this space come alive, and make it suitable for Melbourne cool types.

"Just be aware that the Substation has an annual arts program so you really have to work your dates with their schedule. And as this space is a blank Canvas you need to bring in all your style."

Of course, you can call Eventing Edge to help.

The Substation, 1 Market St, Newport, Victoria, Australia.

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