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Martin and David

A blessed event

David Lane + Martin Turner

Photography: Simon Jacobs

5th July 2018

David Lane and Martin Turner were determined to bring spirituality into their English wedding.

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gallery image

An Anglican service was off the cards but love conquers all for Lane, a piano teacher who has performed at countless religious ceremonies and his husband Turner, the force behind Norwich dandy destination Working Title.

"We had a small, very quiet, legal ceremony at the local County Hall and a little garden party with friends about a week before the blessing ceremony," Lane says. "Our first wish was to have a church wedding.  It’s not impossible here but not in the Anglican setting which I wanted… Alas, not allowed yet."

"I asked the advice of various friends and eventually made contact with our celebrant, The Right Rev. David Gillett, a retired Anglican Bishop who is an advocate for gay rights in the church and wider, to offer blessings.  He attends countless Gay Pride marches around the UK to offer blessings and is a real darling."

"In the end, it wasn’t a compromise in the slightest."


Martin Owen Turner + David Harry Lane


June 23, 2018


St Mary’s Church (ruined), Mannington Hall, North Norfolk. UK


The prayers included a moment where we are all asked to be silent to listen to the sounds of nature

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Daphne, Best Bitch


Designed by Paul Bommer and letterpress printed by Tilley's, Ledbury.


Made by Old Town, England. 

Neckerchief by Dancy's, London.




Oud Save the King, Atkinsons.

Amber, Laboratory Perfumes.

Marakesh, Aesop

Wedding party

We had a best bitch… our little silver dapple Dachshund, Daphne who carried the rings.


On arrival: Adagio con variatione – Resphigi

After: Wedding Day at Troldhaugen – Grieg


The service was based on a friend's ceremony from Portsmouth Cathedral which followed the traditional wedding ceremony very closely.

We had a best bitch… our little silver dapple Dachshund, Daphne

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We used a ruined Saxon church in the woods without a roof, surrounded by flowering laurel trees. It was such a fabulous location. Secluded, silent. Magical.

We decorated it with foraged foliage and roses from our own garden.

Our dear friend Claire read I Carry Your Heart, by E E Cummings. Our rings were blessed and we exchanged them.

The prayers included a moment where we are all asked to be silent to listen to the sounds of nature. It was very moving.

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The Right Rev. David Gillett, former Bishop of Bolton


We are vegetarian so had an amazing Levantine feast buffet followed by an enormous tower of local cheeses.


Our friend, Tim Kinnaird (former BBC Masterchef finalist), makes the most delicious macarons. So we had a tower of them made.

They even made Dachshund macarons, flavoured with Oreos, to make them flecked.

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gallery image

"As a special request, we also had his infamous Kim-chi flavoured macarons. Controversial but delicious!"


"We had wines from a friend's vineyard in France."

First dance

"We didn’t…."


"We did everything ourselves except the catering.  I've previously run my own restaurant business so was able to use my old suppliers to get the food, drinks and cheese sorted.  It was a joy to organise.  A handmade wedding using natural resources as much as possible.  A magical midsummer wedding with perfect weather - always a gamble for an open air event in the UK."


A handmade wedding using natural resources as much as possible

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Receiving a Polish blessing from designer Rafal Czaniecki with plant enthusiast Michael Perry.

It was midsummer night and totally relaxed. The Tudor house is moated and surrounded by heritage rose gardens.

We used the entire grounds with picnic blankets on the lawn. Everybody just enjoyed the space and mixed naturally. We had a fire pit which we lit at about 9pm and the remaining guests sat around it enjoying the incense we burned and drinking fizz.

There were no manmade sounds, only those of nature


Still to be decided.


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